CC domain name Cc domain name to be careful

registered CC meters now increasingly popular, many enterprises including domestic registrars in all of its a whoop and a holler.

below I found some promotional materials from the Internet:

CC after.Com and.Net has become the world’s top third domain name,.CC is English " Commercial Company" (business) acronym, meaning clear, easy to remember. The.CC domain is rich in resources, huge commercial potential, a new generation of Internet users have to accept and use.CC as their designated brand, such as Nike, Coke, Goodyear and Intel have registered the domain name.Cc, and now has been put into use. .CC Chinese domain name is currently the only international top-level domain that does not require any download software to access directly. .CC domain name is a valuable asset. In June last year, this domain name is a company in Losangeles to $one million price to buy, as more and more people on the.Cc domain name favor,.CC value is increasing. We believe that the.CC domain name in the future will become the world’s most important network bridge communication.

is that true,


I looked up some information and found that there are a lot of ridiculous places:

1, CC is located in Australia’s northwest India ocean cocos and Keeling Island (the Cocos (Keeling) Islands) official authorized domain name.

2, according to the ICANN classification criteria, there is only a "national and regional top-level domain (as in the China top-level domain name is.CN)" and "generic top-level domain", no "this is an international top-level domain". As of the end of 2004, the world’s total of 256 top-level domain name, which has a total of top-level domain name, the national and regional top-level domain name has 241. In fact,.Cc is just 241 countries and regions in a top-level domain, Cocos is located in the northwest of Australia in India ocean (Cocos Island) and Keeling Island Official domain name, it contracted to a commercial company to operate, but has been unsatisfactory.

top-level domain name, it has a total of 14 categories, of which the original is seven, including.Com,.Org,.Net (global registration).Int (International Organization).Edu,.Gov,.Mil (limited to the use of U.S. institutions) and other end of the domain name.

com: for commercial companies.

org: for non profit organizations.

net: for large network centers.

int: applicable to international institutions.

due to

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