Amoy parity search giant network traffic running in flames of war


24 on the same day, the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong made a long survival time of micro-blog, the micro-blog although is then removed, but it will be a business under the running of the wrestling scenes emerge from each other. "A site without we allow direct capture all of our products, these products evaluation is Jingdong spent billions of dollars worth of points to encourage users to write out, how do you also want to say hello? It is difficult to believe that this is a day of" new commercial civilization, advocating honesty "for the company, there are what are the Jiminggoudao and behavior?" then, a micro-blog official responded that the website is a scouring network by Liu Qiangdong micro-blog, but stressed that a scouring network capture user evaluation information is to make the Internet more open and transparent information.

Amoy network since its establishment, its mission is to build the Alibaba district traffic entrance, is different from the Taobao mall, a scouring network has always been the independent image of the show in front of people, there are entrance as Ali’s independent search. Do not rely on a Amoy Taobao, it is equivalent to not get a direct flow of benefits from Taobao, it can be said that everything from scratch. In his opinion, all this is to set up a symbol of independence and justice of benchmarking in the electricity industry, in the future search results by reasoning.

has been a banner of morality first carry on top of Amoy, on behalf of the interests of online shopping to eliminate "information search spiders crawl out related business, finally opened the curtain of resource acquisition in the process of this drama!" show ", the first Jingdong filed a complaint, may be out of respect is not a pre inform, or unwilling to comment, price sensitive information such as" naked "in front of people’s anger, the Jingdong in addition to the first challenge, is also resistant to most of an electricity supplier intense, whether it is from the perspective of speech or action.

Liu Qiangdong in the first against micro-blog, the Jingdong immediately take technical measures to shield the mall Amoy evaluation content within their communities to grab, then the implementation of a comprehensive screening Amoy including commodity information, Jingdong issued against the first gun. A public relations department said in an interview, the Amoy to Jingdong store merchandise information and price changes to grab continues, only temporarily stop by Jingdong mall product user reviews. And the reason for the suspension included user reviews is an internal selection strategy for Amoy consideration, he stressed that from a technical perspective, the Jingdong mall and no real ability to block a cat grab user comment information.

electricity supplier in the strategy selection with the interests of online shopping although it will have a certain degree of coincidence, but not all of the moves are to be based on this one target, or entirely based on this consideration, the domestic well-known e-commerce expert China Nobel From the point of view of a scouring network, its goal is very clear, is to become the mainstream electricity supplier flow, user resource portal, the search area of e-commerce inside the throat. Ma had worked in the network conference said, "

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