Li Guoqing e books will not replace the book store digital layout

[editor’s note] just past 2013, was the founder of Dangdang Li Guoqing called the first year of digital reading. This year is the Amazon Kindle into China’s landmark event, tight layout are Tencent, Ali, Baidu three giants, more watercress, see, your thumb continued to explore new cutting-edge companies.

digital reading is becoming more and more popular, "how will the future of reading" evolve?

Li Guoqing in an exclusive interview with this newspaper that at least 5-8 years, e-books can not replace the paper book, his judgment is based on data; and independent bookstores all sages Bookstore general manager Liu Suli believes that the paper book prices will be dozens of times now.

however, this round of change has been so deep, its impact has been far more than consumers. Also in 2013, the content of the industry’s value chain and production processes have been subverted. Tang Jianguang introduced the history of how to transform the pure digital content brands; CITIC Publishing House introduced their data and vision; thumb reading more attempts to integrate social and reading.

paper books to become a luxury, e-books in a social way to read in the tradition and the future, the two should be numerous possibilities, perhaps they can live well.

Jingwei venture capital management partner on the disclosure, they have invested in traditional publishing, but also to invest in digital reading. Because reading is a rigid demand, in the world is not very satisfactory".

as we predicted at this time last year, the industry is evolving, readers will be blessed. Over the past year, the design and printing of paper books are becoming more and more beautiful, the electronic book layout and experience is also more and more comfortable, the industry is moving towards a better direction.

reading the future, it is to let people fall in love with reading.

"over the past ten years, the Chinese book market ‘actually’ maintained an annual growth rate of 12%."

Li Guoqing when it comes to this data, with the incredibly two words. Obviously, the growth rate is a little out of his own expectations. You know, this is ten years, the rapid spread of the Internet era, the e-book will bury the paper book argument is rampant. But the paper is still growing, Li stressed that this does not include statistics textbooks, supplementary books.

at the same time, Li Guoqing also felt the ferocious e-book. Just past 2013, was considered to be the first year of digital reading. 2013 year, Dangdang e-book downloads have reached the number of 22 million 500 thousand copies, which is also an unexpected number.

today is still, network book industry leader, known as the network book share has 50%-55%, but also has the special digital publishing division, and even launched its own reader. In the tradition and change between the publication of businessman’s enterprise head, how to look at the future of reading e-books and paper books? Well, the competition is not a self revolution? "

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