For Taobao sellers outside the station a little marketing advice

On a failed business experience a few days ago wrote "

: from a monthly income of 30 thousand yuan to 10 thousand yuan monthly income" has been the concern of many friends, but there is sharing method, today has the effect is not so good. Then I wrote a "car product Hongzhi and Zhuo truck product Taobao station marketing comparison", this article is not of concern for many people, personal feeling second guidance for Taobao big sellers more, this article is a person views marketing for Taobao. Then talk about some of the views of Taobao station marketing.

a, SNS marketing

personally think for SNS marketing, can be considered Sina micro-blog, Tencent, micro-blog, QQ space these three places, of course, Taobao big sellers can choose according to their own industry to focus on where. The following SNS marketing has been Sina micro-blog as an example. (a moment: my Sina micro-blog ID SEM

is dripping)

Taobao big seller in Sina micro-blog marketing analysis

1, some of the more well-known big store fans can reach tens of thousands of people, but the interaction is not very good. Taobao big seller is more open Sina micro-blog, but not popular, is actually a tasteless gesture of chicken ribs.

2, then why do well? Most of the employees of the company are holding the mentality to work, the boss let micro-blog update, the day a few jokes, jokes and so on, the user only to see companies these bad things. Want to see / cold jokes, the better people micro-blog marketing team.

3, how to solve the problem of micro-blog marketing this problem?

then put the human resources to do a good job. If there is no human and material resources can be cast, personal recommendations can be considered to be contracted to Taobao master to do. Look at the suggestion, is God carved AFU oil case, AFU’s own official micro-blog fan is 50 thousand, but the following two passenger Taobao fans had reached 60 thousand, and the interactive effect of the following two micro-blog is not less than the official micro-blog difference. Have to say that the master is in the civil ah, people do not do more than your Taobao shop buddy cattle.



contracted to Taobao customer master to do, the seller can think of operation process, such as you are booked a year contract, this year he can publish your home with Taobao micro-blog products using this link off. A year after the expiration of the contract, micro-blog received their own operations, and other high popularity after the operation on the simple.

two, forum marketing

forum marketing is nothing more than you release the soft in the relevant forums, or directly with the forum administrator, moderator cooperation advertisement articles. Now many forums to advertising content review is very strict, so the vest account published content is easy to be removed. Stay here >

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