Taobao can not ignore the express delivery services and speed

Trump coffee shop decoration swing as fish nets webmaster, contact with a lot of Taobao sellers, Taobao found that many sellers choose to express the principle of price is as low as possible, but not without considering the delivery speed and service attitude.

stands in the angle of buyers think, regardless of the quality of your products, the price advantage is enthusiastic service attitude, the customer can buy something today, took a week to give to the next time, who would dare to buy things on your side.

look, almost all Taobao is using the Yuantong Shen Tong, rhyme and the like two courier companies, the strength of the EMS, but it is also a local district mass contract graph with ultra low discount.

you can not use the service better, faster courier.

you know, buy their own things, hundreds of dollars, on the way, a daily reminder reminder ah ah, or not to, or not stop in transit, has been on the road, if the next time, I will not buy things here. Business, the ultimate goal is to make money, earn more repeat customers.

how to make the customer back, only enough to attract the back ah.

we want is very simple, that is; I give you the money, you no matter in what way, to me as soon as possible to give something back to it, do not ruin in transit. The rest of the time until after receiving. Simple, consumers want the most, is to see their own money to go where the slide, so that one said, quick delivery of the seller, there are such advantages.

is that, due to the fast delivery, by the consumer can not do too much of the two thinking, people’s psychology is very strange. What I just bought this evening, and I’ll pay in the evening. Second days to work together to look at the next, wow, so fast, has been shipped. At this time, unconscious mind should not have to regret what he could buy anyway, anyway, have to be used, but also not too much regret, their own trouble, others also trouble, why. The same is to buy at night, second days to see the Internet, has not shipped, and then urged the next. The shopkeeper said, are processed together in the evening. And then I said, okay. And so on, anyway, will be shipped. In the evening, I open the computer, the Internet to see, hey, delivery, but can not find any information,

asked the shopkeeper, shopkeeper said this to tomorrow can find information. So I waited until third days, check the next morning just got on the car, has not issued. They explained to me that the night is the second day of the morning to collect the goods shipped. In the evening, I asked my to where, the courier company told me that day in the evening treatment will focus assignment, NND had two days, I express or in circles. Finally on the fourth day, I have been quite impatient, just find the shopkeeper, I must receive today, otherwise I will not. The shopkeeper said, their attitude is very good, there are like this, the normal express will go 45 days. "

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