Sina B2C luxury website officially launched will push the sale of internal staff

11, Sina officially launched the luxury B2C website ( "Sina luxury goods, including over 50 international luxury brands, a total of over 1000 Sku. According to insiders, sina will face the first internal staff launched promotion activities.



luxury goods official information display, including Bvlgari, Chanel, more than Dior, Fendi, Warren Tianlun and other 50 luxury brand products have been officially launched. At present, Sina luxury goods have set up bags, clothing, watches, jewelry and other four categories, the number of Sku over a thousand.

according to insiders, Sina luxury goods will first face the company staff promotion activities.

it is understood that sina promised one hundred percent authentic luxury goods supply, support 7 days to return, and to support the third party payment platform, online payment and other mainstream payment.

Analysys International data show that the second quarter of 2011 Chinese luxury online shopping market transactions reached 3 billion 450 million yuan, the expected annual turnover will reach 16 billion yuan. Luxury has become a major Internet Co and electricity supplier entrepreneurial team first to capture the market. (end)

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