How the O2O platform is more suitable for the nternet plus era of business


at the beginning of 2015 to the present, in the field of O2O typical life service website, seems to have some more smoke flavor, a variety of investment strategies, arms, frequent life. In January the U.S. group raised $700 million in April, the public comment by millet, Tencent invested $850 million; the end of June, Baidu Nuomi officially announced the "member + O2O" ecological strategy, more Robin Li rhetoric within 3 years of glutinous rice business invest an additional 20 billion yuan; recently, but Ali first hit "meow street." and then after the revival of "word of mouth network".

giant’s performance has been fully demonstrated, O2O should become the protagonist of the current, online and offline business model to become the first choice, the capital has become the backing of O2O development, business users become the basic strategic objectives. Here do not talk about the pattern of life service website, do not talk about the dispute between the giant O2O. In the resources, capital, talent strategy, tactics and blessing, service life and the whole O2O field has become entrepreneurs, investors, transformation to enter the field, is bound to cause a lot of homogenization O2O. In this case, which is the first to introduce more social businesses and users of the O2O service model, will have a higher chance to seize more market share. In this paper, we discuss what kind of O2O service model is more suitable for the current business.

a few cases to see how businesses borrow O2O platform development

The old

restaurant was founded in 1997, operating in Cantonese, seafood as its "Cantonese Roasted Duck" is a capital, for many years by the customer highly. After the rise of the mobile Internet, a variety of fragmented consumer let the old restaurant some helpless. It is also cast a lot of advertising on the Internet, but the marketing evaluation system and line network entity completely is another concept, plus the traditional business thinking and thinking of the Internet, the old restaurant over the years to try the business transformation of the road is not very smooth.

a few months ago, the old Canton restaurant joint Baidu Nuomi launched a prepaid card, one of the store operations within four months reached millions of water consumption of a single disadvantage compared to the previous direct group purchase mode, prepaid card has more customers, maintain old members normally advantage. In the card, the data show that in the 7.18 day of the event, two or three line city businesses, guest of one-day water breakthrough 200 thousand cards, and glutinous rice cooperation launched 500 yuan card one day to sell more than and 500 copies, which means that there are more than and 500 users to become a guest member of the day in consumption will continue to turn back.

the same situation also occurred in the emerging tide brand chain store "Hi Hot pot hot Hot pot" and "large fishing Teppanyaki" on the body. The rapid acquisition of mobile Internet users a large number of young taste convergence in the cooperation with Baidu Nuomi, pulling water and the rapid growth in the brand and brand exposure; the latter three years Baidu Nuomi exclusive cooperation awareness has been greatly improved, now.

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