The story of growth three different stages of entrepreneurship


We have been in the protection of business

, we hope to provide more help for entrepreneurs.

but it is never a small thing, is not a simple thing, entrepreneurs are also different, behind each person has its own story and pursuit, today we have the personal growth of three stages will be divided into three types of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, hope each of the upcoming entrepreneurs people can have a clearer understanding of their own and entrepreneurship.



this kind of entrepreneurs who have played in the market among the top companies, in a senior management position or line, had led his team to make outstanding achievements.

they understand the difficulties of the market, so it will not have too many unrealistic ideals, they can only rely on quickly to pull their own good reputation in the market and industry team, they often have a deep insight, they have once accumulated contacts and other resources.

such entrepreneurs are often the most reassuring investors and like.


says they are a green hand of entrepreneurs, they are new but also investors xiangbobo investment people put their money they don’t really have to prove their plan really what a great place, investors often settle on the ability, background and long-term accumulation of their resources.

The most ideal

investors are often in the insurance extent of high interest returns, and these entrepreneurs attention usually tend to be conservative and mature direction, both just.

so, such entrepreneurs may be successful in business, they may quietly muffled fortune, but you can never expect what they have extraordinary creativity, you can not expect that they will change the world.



for these entrepreneurs is not what big companies, but they also have to get out of the results, in the relevant circles also have small reputation, even in Shanghai Guangzhou such first-tier cities, they also can have a house and a car and have a happy day.

but they are like a young boy growing up, with a rebellious and eager heart, eager to be able to go out and prove themselves in a new world.

I know a business like this, he is a well-known website Gallery charges — you know the designer, he also worked for his hometown people around on the site and secretly delighted too.

once had dinner with a friend, he talked about it with friends

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