Suning com is a Jingdong tailored to Beijing Raiders

recently, held a press conference in Beijing, Beijing. Most fascinating news is First, Beijing is the largest electricity supplier market, then Beijing is’s rival Jingdong Laochao mall.’s purpose is very clear, is to let the restless, a Jingdong.

Beijing Raiders but spent a lot of thought, like how to see how Jingdong tailored area. The first round of the Beijing campaign from products, services, prices and other aspects of the introduction of the three. Carefully check the launched the three Raiders, it is not difficult to see that the Jingdong is completely by hot.

in the product Raiders, preferred Beijing products to increase development efforts in Beijing suppliers, in addition to its open platform nationwide free three settled outside of policy, will also promised 7 days in the billing cycle. As everyone knows, the traditional shopping malls, and other large electricity supplier platform and supplier is difficult to do a month, always because of such problems as the month to knot paragraph until next month, next month, in fact, this is just a means of capital operation platform. The supplier for the Beijing area at 7 days the settlement cycle conditions to show its sincerity. For Jingdong, the occupation of the merchant loan, can be used to maintain the daily turnover of Jingdong, this part of the liquidity is very important for Jingdong.’s proposed 7 day settlement period to the Jingdong has brought great difficulties, although the Beijing area for suppliers and Jingdong to break, but in the demonstration of the role of, the supplier can continue to put pressure on the Jingdong, it is possible to break the Jingdong’s liquidity, increase the financial pressure of Jingdong.

In addition, Suning in the Beijing area for many years, business context has been all over the capital city of. Beijing has conducted a preliminary communication with China Merchants clothing, department stores, restaurants and other time-honored enterprises in Beijing City, the introduction and plans to complete 80% time-honored brands in 2013 before the end of the year. In fact, Suning advantage is not only had been discussed under the line of Suning stores, but Suning in different city business contacts, Chinese in the human society, the relationship is particularly important, Suning good place Jingdong is incomparable. So the construction of Suning plans to improve the "Beijing channel", and strive to introduce two years to achieve 1000 mining brand is very easy to achieve. In addition, Beijing plan years in Beijing area, the three operators settled, so in the field of telecommunications services and has taken a substantial step.

in the marketing strategy, is also a heavy blow to the Jingdong. Previously, online and offline computer commodity price problem has been made and the industry raise a Babel of criticism of, Beijing Raiders, is determined to double the same price to implement the idea. The double lines with in Beijing, not only may be implemented only in computer category, in a press conference today, in Beijing who is responsible not only to take.

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