Why Amazon chose this opportunity to open a store

according to the "Wall Street journal", the online retail giant Amazon plans to open its first line of stores in New York, if the news is true, that traditional retailers including WAL-MART, Taghit, the future will face challenges.

is reported that Amazon’s first physical store will be opened in Manhattan 34 street, and will be opened before the holiday shopping season in 2014. New York Amazon users can order online in store pickup, and may even be selling their own electronic products, such as the Kindle series Kindle Fire series of e-books, tablet computer and Fire Phone intelligent mobile phone. It is said that Amazon will also be part of the store as a mini warehouse.

in fact, in recent years, there are rumors that Amazon opened the store, but the time that the company may have some confusion, because the overall layout in the creation of the store, Amazon is clearly aware of the traditional retailers have disrupted their domination of retail planning. Over the past year, many retailers have begun to implement the "online ordering pick up the line" policy. Part of the retail giants, such as Taghit, best buy and WAL-MART, have even begun to test the courier to pick up directly from nearby stores to customers, the effective way to save time and cost.

in addition, Messi department store will also be in the fall of 8 cities to provide customers with the same day delivery service, thanks to its cooperation with the start-up company Deliv. The traditional giants are using Amazon’s weakness to start the siege to it, and this is the soft rib store.

recently, in charge of the Taghit digital marketing business Jason Goldberger said in a press release, the customer in Taghit could soon in the next day is received from the online ordering of goods, and without additional cost. Taghit is how to do? Use throughout the country store, Taghit will be one of 140 stores connected then as mini freight center. However, free is obviously a standard, namely Taghit Redcard membership card or purchase of $50 customers can enjoy this treatment. The Amazon Prime, the Taghit move is shocking enough.

apparently, Amazon is aware of the competition is intensifying, whether online or offline. This is the Amazon to open my own store is the best reason, but we also have reason to believe that the creation of the store is not only an Amazon to challenge the traditional retail giant a. In January this year, there is news that Amazon plans to deploy in store payment system. In August, there is news that Amazon consider the convenience store in hand to push the line pick up service.

wants to dominate the retail sector, and Amazon has a long way to go.

source: Re/code

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