How to give full play to the commercial value of domain names

Enterprises do not register the domain name "new in order to be different"

– on how to give full play to the commercial value of the domain name

first, in the "name" before, you should first consider the future of enterprise website service object focuses on the group. If you want to expand trade opportunities, highlighting the globalization of business philosophy, so we must pay attention to the international domain name registration, according to the enterprise business characteristics, correct moral English terminology to combination of domain name, to prevent misuse "Chinese thinking" like English vocabulary, to avoid foreign business colleagues in the "search" "not on the number, the opportunity to pass". At this point it is even necessary to consult the relevant expert consultant. If you locate the user groups, mainly concentrated in the general public in the country, there is no need to translate your domain name into English expression, so that it will not affect the understanding of foreign language customer inquiries. You can choose "pinyin" as the domain name code, make your domain more emotional color, your potential customers even if you do not fully understand the situation of the enterprise, as long as through word-of-mouth etc. slightly heard, with only a vague impression on the Internet will be able to find your location. In addition, the unique role of Chinese Pinyin domain name is not inferior.

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