Alibaba to enlarge the recruit the Tmall headquarters moved to Beijing

Abstract: industry analysts believe that Jingdong’s good day seems to end. In the Tmall comprehensive border, with Beijing as the center of the northern region will further consolidate the lead at the same time by the Alibaba, will have great impact on the Jingdong is rooted in Beijing for many years.


news September 23rd, a person close to the Alibaba said, Tmall headquarters will be moved to Beijing from Hangzhou, is expected to be the fastest in the year 11 before the completion of all double relocation.

it is understood that the relocation of Tmall is starting from June this year, plans, sub business, phased implementation. The recent moves frequently in Beijing Tmall supermarket first implementation, from the beginning of July has gradually moved to Ali is located in the national advertising industry park headquarters office in Beijing.

reporter learned that the national advertising industry park office is just a transitional period, Tmall overall relocation, office space will be further compressed, Alibaba have been in Wangjing to buy the new building as the future of the new office, which will be the fastest in June next year.

This is not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

. July 23rd, Alibaba group announced a full range of business to enter the field, pushing the Tmall supermarket in the country, in which the first stop selected Beijing. To this end, the Alibaba to upgrade the service, the first phase of subsidies to consumers in Beijing 1 billion yuan.

in today’s red envelopes subsidies, at the beginning of September, Tmall supermarket to more than and 50 universities in Beijing issued a 1 cent school spree. Followed by the Tmall supermarket again with 1 cents to Beijing to send the goods of the 1 million, and upgrade the rookie network distribution service system, the service delivery site in Beijing expanded by a factor of 3.

signs that Tmall supermarket has to implement the relocation plan in Beijing, investment in manpower, financial and material resources, and leveraging the Ali group’s resources. A person close to Tmall said the supermarket, the supermarket before the second "Tmall deal indeed moved to Beijing office, and revealed to resident in Beijing."

in fact, as early as April of this year, Alibaba at the annual meeting of the company in Beijing, said Beijing as a double home outside Hangzhou. To this end, in Beijing, Alibaba should have their own independent business, independent management model.

and Tmall headquarters relocation is the implementation of the strategy of Ali group Beijing double home. The merchant said, the next move of the team will be Tmall City, and this year before the double 11, Tmall will complete the relocation of all."

B2C first quarter market share data show that Tmall’s market share accounted for 58.6%, accounting for more than 20% Jingdong, the B2C enterprises,, Gome online the year growth rate was higher than the overall market growth rate of B2C.

industry insiders believe that Jingdong’s good day seems to end. In Tmall arrives, to >

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