Tmall released 11 double venue commentary personalized is king

news September 18th, the day before, Tmall released the 2016 double 11 venue commentary information, show a total of 9 points, including 11 Tmall dual venue types and venue resources giving and cancellation of standards and other information.

According to

billion state power network understanding, 2016 Tmall double 11 venue will use personalized gameplay. Double eleven activities merchants’ shops or activities will have the opportunity to show the goods in the double eleven venue page, and the double happiness of the total mobilization of businesses, shops or activities do not have such an opportunity for goods. But the activities of commodity will be given priority in search of list and list category navigation page display. Allegedly, this is in order to give a different Tmall consumers more in line with their needs of quality goods.

on the other hand, Tmall will be examined from time to time system of the allocation of resources, such as business activities of Tmall consumer attention degree, commodity preferential, the commodity price compared to other channels in the same period of the competitive advantage, to adjust including but not limited to changes in page ranking, or directly cancel business double eleven the qualification of Tmall rare flow.

it is understood that the current Tmall business login seller center background, click on the left column Tmall 11 global Carnival investment rules and registration can enter the relevant page.

"2016 Tmall ten global Carnival venue commentary" source:


, a 2016 Tmall global double eleven Carnival activities, business activities according to the performance of their activities for eleven or eleven double double venue resources commodity area resources; the double eleven branch activities by venue will be the main venue, industry field, theme will field.


two, dual eleven activities, in order to give different Tmall consumers show more in line with their needs of high-quality goods, 2016 double eleven venue will use personalized gameplay, "double eleven business activities" shops or activities will be displayed in the merchandise page eleven double venue opportunities; "double happiness mobilization eleven business activities the goods will have priority in search of list and list category navigation page show the opportunity, but the" double happiness mobilization eleven business outlets or goods activities does not have appeared in the double eleven page chance meeting.

three, Tmall system will be the focus of the activities of businesses on Tmall consumers, the magnitude of the magnitude of the merchandise as an important assessment of the allocation of resources dimension, Tmall will be distributed from time to time for the system to check resources.

four, such as during the event, the business is not enough and the business focus on Tmall’s consumer goods discount is insufficient, even with the commodity price compared to other channels in the same period do not have a competitive advantage, these are not in line with the Tmall 2016 double eleven brand characteristics and Tmall’s commitment to consumers; for these businesses, Tmall system may the evaluation objective judgment and veto had been assigned to the business page which involves the adjustment of resources, including but not limited to change the page ranking, or directly cancel business double eleven >

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