Tian another way to buy local earnings

a lot of home owners to see Groupon in the United States is very popular, we have started a group buying site. In fact, the network has long been in the country, mainly the group buying site business model is different from the traditional. The domestic lead several sites are: the United States Mission network, handle network, the most earth network.

since the most earth released the source code, the domestic group purchase network began to fluctuate. Whether it is a company or individuals are engaged in the purchase of the network, and now more successful on the U.S. mission network, but there are a lot of failures, why? Why do they fail?

I would have liked to do a buy site like this, but there are a few hands busy. I’m here to introduce another way to make money. Is to cooperate with the B2C site, this year the domestic B2C has also increased a lot, many of the company’s operations. We can go to those businesses to talk about the operation of B2C, or you can talk to the Taobao business if the company opened. As a businessman he is sure to create their own brand and explore the market, let them put the item in its own local group purchase website, so you can let the local people know the brand, but also opened up the market. But the premise is that you have to buy the network must be popular. I have a picture here you can see:


we see it, buy the network does not necessarily want to cooperate with local businesses, as long as the local groups to bring concessions on the line. This article by the Chinese stainless steel network www.114bxg.org webmaster provide, reprint please keep the original author of the information Thank you. Contact qq:791978416

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