Fresh fruit is easy to announce the 950 million Hong Kong dollars stake in Lianhua

December 27th news after taking over the full Suning fresh section of Su Xiansheng’s right to operate, the group’s full channel strategy and action. Recently, fresh fruit and easy operation platform announced a HK $950 million stake in Lianhua Supermarket (00980), to become its second largest shareholder.


the evening of December 23rd, the Shanghai Lianhua Supermarket Limited by Share Ltd (00980) announced that, according to the agreement on the transfer of shares, Yonghui supermarket agreed to Shanghai fruit all sell its holding company 237029400 shares of domestic shares, representing the company’s issued share capital of 21.17%.

Lianhua Supermarket

founded in May 1991, is the first in Shanghai development featuring chain supermarket company, has formed a large-scale comprehensive supermarket (supermarkets), supermarkets, convenience stores and other complementary multi format linkage business model. In more than and 20 provinces and autonomous regions of the more than and 100 cities to establish a strong network of chain operations.

was founded in 2005, the company is committed to providing quality food for urban families and one-stop shopping services. 2016, Yi Guo has received over $500 million in the C round and C+ round of financing.

for easy fruit and Lianhua’s "hand", easy fruit group co-founder Jin Guanglei said, easy fruit group in fresh supply chain and cold chain logistics, a leading advantage of long-term accumulation and enough, in the format and Lianhua has a strong complementarity. Under the background of new retail, online and offline data driven, the integration of logistics and supply chain has become a trend, easy fruit and Lianhua will rely on their respective advantages, try to innovate in the new retail sector.

how to meet the change in the new retail era, has become an urgent problem to be solved in the retail enterprises, especially the online enterprises. In early November 28th, easy fruit C+ round of Financing Conference, easy fruit fresh CEO Zhang Ye said, easy fruit in the future will strengthen the construction for the next line of the channel, through the establishment of supply chain companies, entities and business lines under the construction of the national cold chain logistics cooperation, etc., to achieve online and offline channels the construction of online platform for the future by the force of "new retail" pave the way for. This and the fresh fruit is easy to heavily stake Lianhua Supermarket agree without prior without previous consultation strategy.

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