Gphl incoming micro beam is taking South Korea hand behind the operation


] April 15th news billion state power network, Han beam officially recognizes and gphl cooperation rumors, Han’s CEO Chen Yuxin said micro beam, and gphl cooperation is the "first Han beam +" new micro business model.

called the "Han beam +", Chen Yuxin introduction, refers to the similar Han bundle such success in the micro channel business enterprise team, on the basis of the original at the same time with other industries or brand to form a strategic alliance, it will be the future as an important form of cross-border business alliances and healthy development.

April 8th, the traditional pharmaceutical enterprise gphl Baiyun Mountain designed for micro channel products developed "slender plum" officially entered the micro business, the foreign propaganda line on the first day of product sales have broken million. This product is behind the scenes manipulator Han beam, and Han bundle into the product quality, customer service service, materials distribution, team training etc..

Chen Yuxin pointed out that the derivative industry is very welcome gphl Baiyun Mountain such large enterprises to enter, only more and more big brands to enter, in order to better guide the healthy development of the industry’s sun micro.

is reported that Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1951, is the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies in Southern China. The current electricity supplier self gphl official website, Tmall flagship store and other commercial channels, in addition to some other pharmaceutical companies do generation operation. In January this year, Baiyun Mountain Guangzhou Pharmaceutical and health Ali signed a strategic cooperation, will establish a deep relationship in the pharmaceutical business fields.

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