Taobao entertainment into a new battlefield star artists into Amoy girl

Amoy girl, a group of e-commerce because of the birth of the model group, because Taobao has a close relationship with the known. Many models with the dream of girls have joined this platform, the achievement of their own ideals. Recently, Amoy girl platform ushered in the new change, ESEE, GME heroes Wu Shunbing artist Chrissie Chau, Haidie record BY2 and other well-known entertainment female artists have joined the Amoy girl platform, this is a harbinger of Amoy girl entertainment platform will become the new battleground


girl star artist

survey shows that the main Internet users leisure time is gradually occupied by two elements, micro-blog and Taobao. Micro-blog in recent years, the rapid rise of star artists can not be separated from the accession, such as actress Chen Yao is known as the queen of micro-blog. Similarly, tens of millions of micro-blog fans are also very good to confirm the influence and popularity of these star artists.

with the increasing popularity of e-commerce into people’s daily lives, Taobao this year hundreds of millions of users to patronize the huge Internet market, but also began to form a relatively mature community relations network. Under the premise of the formation of a community relationship network Taobao, Amoy girl platform as one of the most important to share the interactive community, is the most indispensable in this relationship network.

Amoy girl was originally a model of Taobao online service business model, and with the increase in the influence of the Amoy girl brand, more and more excellent girls competing to join this platform. Scouring the composition of the girls more and more diverse, there is a shop explosion of the queen, there are beauty makeup with the expert dress up, there are more involved in the entertainment circle of entertainment.

are active in the Amoy girl with many online and offline show a trend and fashion, fans dressed frantically to follow, imitate, to buy their clothes. Millions of Taobao merchants choose models from among them to sign endorsements. According to statistics, only the women’s businesses have more than one hundred thousand, and almost all businesses are recognized by common consent, the use of the Amoy girl signing film, sales will increase.

it can be seen, for female users, in this regard, Taobao is more attractive than micro-blog. Arts artists will not miss such a huge business groups, as well as hundreds of millions of fans behind Taobao users. The same culture and many stars, Haidie record many singers, GME’s multi talented entertainer and ESEE heroes supermodel outer die performing brokerage companies have settled Amoy girl platform.

star Amoy girl, and business tacit cooperation

star Amoy girl ( is based on the Amoy girl platform, by the film and television, singing, models and other women’s fashion industry groups. Amoy group of this group of girls, online fashion field has a certain influence, especially on the Internet, micro-blog, Taobao’s main users with a wide range of visibility, is the idol of millions of fans.


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