Tencent at the Jingdong headquarters to Beijing electricity providers fast and easy


electricity supplier war fire from the festival to the line under the big promotion of regional layout. Today, Yi Xun has put a foot into the hinterland of the Jingdong. Compared with the expansion of more than Jingdong, Tencent’s B2C electricity supplier fast and easy expansion mode to regional penetration.

yesterday, fast and easy CEO Bu Guangqi on the "First Financial Daily" said Yi Xun will be looking for 100 thousand square meters warehouse in the Beijing area, in addition, easy fast last year in Beijing to build 40 thousand square meters warehouse next year will be put into use. Bu Guangqi said that Beijing is the electricity supplier must compete for the market.

and easy penetration of the Beijing market will also impact on Jingdong.

industry sources, Jingdong currently has 40% orders from Beijing market. According to official data disclosure, the average daily order volume 700 thousand single Jingdong. In other words, Jingdong daily orders in Beijing market volume 280 thousand single. The plan is easy and fast, next year to 40 thousand square meters of large warehouse put into use, the Beijing region to achieve an average daily order volume of 40 thousand single, accounting for more than 40% of the daily average of more than 60 thousand ~10.


, the current orders not easy fast to the Jingdong’s 15%, but some analysts believe that the core category of Jingdong fast and easy to 3C, the field of home appliances, easy fast collision in Jingdong’s core category, "big to small", or a price war, resulting in further cost bearing Jingdong.

before entering the Beijing market, Yi Xun in East China and Southern China have a deeper user base.

at present, the domestic electricity supplier platform war is still dominated by price war. The idea that this is the online retail channels in more mainstream separatist warlords under competition. The preparation of the listing of Jingdong in 2013 is also intended to precipitate users, to get rid of the role of the channel into the price war.

at present, Jingdong has launched a joint operation of the game, personal cloud storage, digital payment, personal financial products and other sticky category. Some analysts believe that the user will settle down through the sticky category, is one of the strategies to mitigate the impact of the price war, reducing the loss of the user to consider Jingdong.

(source: first financial daily Author: Zhao Nan)

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