4 18 Tmall Jingdong 3C saw Armageddon rehearsal ahead

National Bureau of statistics released the first quarter of economic data, including total retail sales of social consumer goods 78024 yuan, an increase of 10.3%, the national online retail sales of $10252, an increase of 27.8%. Online retail sales accounted for 13% of total retail sales in the first quarter of 2015, compared to the fourth quarter of this year, the data is on the rise. The network will be the main battlefield of China’s economic activities in the future, there is almost no doubt on this conclusion.

since Papi sauce, the network has become a red phenomenon level, the network has become the flow of red portal network; another hidden phenomenon is that the electricity supplier has become a business portal.

1, 3C industry’s future online

before 2015, businesses can put online as a useful supplement, offline after 2016, online sales have become the main channel over the line, at least in the 3C class standards of the industry, this trend is more and more obvious. Everbright Securities, a report pointed out that in 2014, 3C’s line of physical channels accounted for 88%, just after 4 years, in 2018, online channels accounted for about 1/3 of the total market.

3C online sales will maintain double-digit growth, while the line will be negative growth. In terms of 3C, the network has replaced the line, the most important new release platform. Is the mobile phone, mobile phone millet, HUAWEI, Meizu leader, has been the network as a starting tool. Some 3C products not only the traditional, more cutting-edge cool 3C commodity network as the main battlefield of the future. Tmall Electric City United Asia CES announced incredible new first trip, 29 new varieties, VR helmet HTC Vive, Rokid, LG, G6, etc. have won the CES innovation award.

is an unbelievable data, there have been 300 international consumer electronics brand, more than 6 thousand consumer electronics brand to achieve self brand in Tmall, Tmall will be the first new starting position, member interaction.

2, decisive battle

3C, the Jingdong is still in Jingdong is the skill of looking after the house, the half of the country. The fourth quarter of 2015, Jingdong turnover of $143 billion 200 million, of which the total value of electronic and household appliances 3C class transactions totaling $70 billion 100 million, accounting for 49%. Once a year "618", is the Jingdong’s double eleven, is Beijing Dongliang muscles and tusks, when the strength of the 3C display.

in 2012, the Jingdong headquarters and even played "Suning headquarters" banner, the Jingdong in the wild and intractable full time offensive. Since the rise of Jingdong, Suning has never been well received. In August 2015 after the introduction of Jindong Ali strategic investment, the "one-sided" strategy at work. Tmall and Suning jointly announced that in the first half of this year in April 18th to build the first electricity supplier Festival "New Buy 418", in the home appliance, 3C standard "double eleven". This promotion has created a first half of the year

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