Analysis on how to seize the customer psychology


Amazon deals with ordering, shipping books, CDs and videos. If you want to make the customer satisfied, it is necessary to understand the expectations of customers, and meet or exceed these expectations, Bezos hope that his staff can do this, because this for his online store is really important. Amazon is using high customer satisfaction, for the first time to retain customers into the store shopping, let them become loyal benefit products and partners were then for his online bookstore a whoop and a holler. As Bezos said: "a group of loyal customers using the Internet message, word of mouth to attract more new customers."

on how to narrow the distance between the customer and the online bookstore, some professionals have done a lot of detailed research, according to their report, can be summed up the following eight elements, these elements are considered to be the most important criterion for customers. If you have visited the Amazon Bookstore, how do you evaluate the company in terms of the following eight elements:

elements one, the shortest time to get goods. Today’s society is a fast-paced society. Consumers want to buy something, you want to immediately have, if not immediately get, they can, but do not wait too long, they cannot tolerate delay, if you promise to one day will be sent, they look forward to the day will receive, otherwise, they will turn to other home stores to buy.

element two, good service. For quality, service is good or bad, but also based on the whole shopping experience. Today’s consumers, in the purchase of the product, I hope you can provide the most information for reference, whether it is the commentator, or published on the website of commodity information. The content of the service contains a lot, in the case of other conditions are equal, service and quality is an important factor in the company’s leading competitors.

elements three, a wide range of quality requirements. In recent years, the standard of quality has changed, it is no longer just a commodity, but refers to the entire purchase process. On the web, this includes a number of projects, such as the convenience of using the network, the introduction of additional information ordering goods, personalized services, etc..

element four, more options. Today’s consumers are expected to learn more, more extensive information, from a variety of angles, multi-channel understanding of goods, and then select the best products from the catalog and inventory.

element five to ensure reliability. Refers to reliability, of course, the quality of goods and services. As consumers, no matter who does not want to buy goods or services. If there is a real problem, they certainly hope that the problem can be solved immediately. Don’t let him talk about it, don’t let him ask for it, there are those times, it is better to do something more meaningful, on the contrary, all of your services are denied by them.

elements six, good packaging and aging. As mentioned earlier, the customer wants to buy the goods can be quickly received, and they also hope that the packaging is intact, no

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