LETV wine double eleven victory Day 10 when sales broke by 8 million

November 11th morning, LETV holding network network " 919 black, and Hui double 11" double eleven big promotion fully opened, sweeping the Internet to ecological electricity supplier strength. In November 11th 0:00–1:00, total station and network network of Tmall’s flagship beverage category sales exceeded 100 thousand, sales exceeded 5 million


0:00 – 10:00, total station and network network of Tmall’s flagship beverage category sales of over 180 thousand, sales of more than 8 million! Tmall flagship store Chateau products sales of over 150 thousand, breaking sales records! Until now, network network explosion sales unabated, is expected to double or eleven imported wine sales will refresh the record!


network network double 11 day 10 network report

it is understood that the network network to ecological electricity supplier power through the category of drinks retail price bottom line. Among them, the Australian direct mining Penfolds in Chinese Penfolds retail price for the first time below 80 yuan, Penfolds rich Bin2 for only 79 yuan! Legend 6 pack the price of 199 yuan, a sharp decline in the price of Wine Zhuang column level to less than 3500 yuan, Chivas 12 years whisky 700ml dropped to 169 yuan, Billy imported beer minimum only 8.5 yuan! Is dominated by the wine net net store wine Carnival feast, strong detonation, import wine, beer Wine price shock, Shirupozhu ecological feedback.

network network and LETV ecological cooperation will also double eleven promotion gift and process synchronization broadcasting, music as a super TV S40, LETV TVMAX70, intelligent mobile phone and other wonderful music 1 Hao Li rolling strikes. In the network network official station, double eleven day 11:11, 13:11, 23:11 three times, in the network network Tmall flagship store, dual eleven day 1:00, 10:00, 14:00, 20:00, 21:00 five times, the highest amount of orders, will have the opportunity to receive music as a peripheral products, the official network network station the single effective amount of the highest order, can receive a music as a super TV Max70. To boost the ecological power feedback network network double eleven big promotion climax


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