Social networking will become a new generation of C2C E commerce

social network will enter e-commerce C2C

so, if you want to sell children’s clothing online, please set up a shopping mall. You don’t need to engage in a community equivocate, just think of to do sales. Because there are some consumers above the mall is a heavy user, so you can consider another forum community to meet the needs of the group of consumers to share and exchange.

community and e-commerce can not be combined?. But to be clear, based on the above characteristics, e-commerce revenue is destined to become part of the community site, not all. Social networking sites whose income must be three legged walk: 1) advertising; (2) e-commerce; (3) virtual goods. The three may be different because of the community’s mainstream crowd, but will coexist.

The combination of

and e-commerce should be the most popular social network (although the author has repeatedly stressed that the social network is not a community, but a community). Some people will say that social networks attract tens of millions of people, how can it play the social network niche? But the people know that the real active users (so-called heavy users) is only 1/3.

social network is the same, the future direction of profit must be three legs to walk, e-commerce is only one of them. However, the significance of social networking and e-commerce is very different. The author believes that, when eBay and Taobao and other C2C sites almost become a platform for B2C website, focusing on social networking interpersonal relationships, will be the starting point of a new generation of C2C e-commerce.

social network, is the real C2C.

online shopping mall and community cooperation

has established an open community and discussion area on its own shopping mall, which has been a place of fear for e-commerce industry. Reason: 1) consumers leave negative evaluation or malicious above; 2) users in the above discussion and commodity related topic; 3) community open but not what people to leave a message or evaluation, many people have pain, less pain.

let’s go back to the diagram again. Once you understand that the community will be involved in a small number of heavy users of this feature, you will know that a transaction volume and the number of members of the network is not enough, it is impossible to operate the community. Because your membership is not enough, you can not produce enough number of heavy users, so that these heavy users can not interact.

, for example, to the United States to see Amazon, a lot of books under the pages of the reader comments. Dangdang to see, the reader is also a lot of evaluation. But the online bookstore in Taiwan usually does not have any comments and comments. Because the little book population network in Taiwan, the number of messages that do not produce enough.

a newly started shopping mall, if there is not enough membership and trading volume, but also want to operate through the community how to

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