From the low culture to the financing difficulties e commerce nine points need to scratch bone pain

The rapid development of e-commerce

I [note] the network operators in the world, facing low culture, vicious competition, fake hat, credit crisis, tax loopholes, innovation of the storm, logistics short board, the difficulties of financing, supervision of the pain this nine long-standing pain point, the electricity supplier if you want to continue in the future healthy development, to be scraping the bone cure poison, traveling light.


recently, SAIC announced the monitoring results oriented network trading commodities, Taobao 2nd publicly questioned…… This makes the long-standing electricity supplier pain points once again by the public hot.


electronic commerce surface bustling behind what worries? China economic electricity supplier of the road how to go fast and steady? The long-term existence of the pain points to "pain" when? What way? In this regard, the Xinhua News Agency reporter lasted more than a month went to the country, made a deep research into the.

pain point one: cheap culture

open Amoy buy treasure APP, 9.9 yuan socks, gloves, snacks, cosmetics, $19.9 Plush shirts, coats and even sheets everywhere…… However, in Ling’an City, Zhejiang province Changhua town white cattle Village – one of the four Taobao village, the villagers spent years on the electricity supplier in the country selling roasted seeds and nuts to get rich, but now increasingly worried. "Some of the bargain too much, past selling fried walnut and profit, now in order to grab the market, we put the price close to the cost price!" the villagers, shop owner Pan Xiaozhong told reporters with emotion, "do it, do the rhythm die!"

in the electricity supplier industry, to ‘cheap’ invincible, which is not consistent with the current stage of social development." "Entrepreneurs" Chairman Niu Wenwen believes that the lowest bidder bidding period to food and clothing culture is the consumer mentality. In the field of electricity providers, engage in price wars, popular discount culture, is not conducive to China’s manufacturing upgrade, but also damage the social values of creativity.

let the industry worry that the electricity supplier could produce engine more power on the upgrading of the upstream and downstream industry transformation, but only low industry threshold is an "will drop very low, positive driving effect on the adjacent industry greatly reduced electricity supplier"".

Niu Wenwen worried that once the Internet has a creative, it will quickly be copied, copied, low-cost products rampant, detrimental to the whole society to form an atmosphere of innovation driven.

pain point two: vicious competition

in the Internet era, the urgency of the Time will not wait for me. full competition, network position, to some extent, the alienation of fair competition, intensified the vicious battle.

Guangzhou fertile Mdt InfoTech Ltd general manager Chen Yan told reporters: "electricity providers are focusing on the online word-of-mouth, electric business has produced" bad party ", what is more, there are competitors to employ people to buy the product ‘seven days no reason to return", from the electricity supplier cost and sales cost greatly increased."

an electricity supplier to disclose their own

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