Speculation but not into the electricity supplier too simple is not a good thing

with the further maturity of the Internet economy, the electricity supplier has become a normal business. However, the real electricity supplier industry is not only a desirable world, but also an extremely brutal competition in the world, the survival of the fittest frequency unprecedented fast, Fang Sheng Fang died, Fang Fang sheng. What is the cause of most of the electricity supplier on a thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers of no return? – not speculative investment, the nature of cognition on the electricity supplier is not clear, especially it is too "pure", resulting in business often fall into "DOA" die.


a, "pure" speculative thinking.

for many business terms, the original vision is good, can see others are thinking about themselves, or just want to see the market gaps in one step to occupy, or see some rules summary thought everything in hand, seem feasible degree is very high, so eager to be achieved at once the battle, but ignoring the business logic of the most basic and new media law in the implementation process, like a bird without wings, a head from the cliff jump, can not fly high, only to fall into the abyss.

two, "simple" sellers thinking:

The new thinking of new

platform, if blindly mechanically traditional thinking in the new generation of business operations, or behind closed doors, or a copycat, or a pot, or only short-lived business, or blindly engage in ultra low price, or everything to the conversion rate according to the neglect of division of labor, and so on, ignore user demand, ignoring the market development, so this kind of pure, not passively wait for confident, rude and too dependent on the flow of thought to the sellers not matched with the electricity supplier brand marketing and resource integration strategy, development is not only not enough to support the formation of the core competitiveness of the business operation, the more people in the low-end, the bad impression.

three, "pure" technical thinking:

if the electricity supplier is the most important way to solve the problem, there must be too many laws, rules, techniques, etc.. But if it did, it is often failed. There are a lot of suffering from severe traffic starvation "business obsessed with various promotion tools, practical skills and so on, but the effect is not complete, for the fundamental solution of the electricity supplier only attempt an ineffective solution. This is the only result of the final one, the platform to make money, but bitter sellers.

four, "pure" practical thinking:

Reading can only be read into

silly nerd, only can make people confused. "Doing things, more work is good, but the premise must be diligent in thinking, correct direction, plan and strategy of it, otherwise, everything is just a useless muddle along. Happy people believe that the Internet is not essential business of sewers, we know that the reason, only to fully grasp the business rules, to let yourself in the Internet economy more comfortable and confident, otherwise it would be more.

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