Hey SF off WeChat shop selling fruit does not show points


] July 21st news billion state power network, online crazy shop two months ago, WeChat in the SF hey passengers also have their own shops. Billion state power network to understand, the SF hey off on its official WeChat officially opened the public number of online shopping channels, a small amount of fresh fruit to buy online support.

It is reported that the current

, SF hey off micro shop supports only 11 commodities (mostly fruits such as Kiwi fruit, mangosteen, durian) online orders. But it is worth noting that, although an important position is the SF hey off line experience online shopping products, but not the WeChat store any prompt the user can experience or delivery to the inn hey information. In the distribution, hey micro shop only supports users to fill out personal address, no points for selection.

billion state power network has learned, the SF hey off WeChat stores choose through cooperation with third party service providers only supports WeChat bag, WeChat paid. As of press time, hey micro store has sold out part of the fruit.

SF hey off from the trial operation in May 18th of this year, the country currently has 518 stores. According to SF, hey passenger services include commodity futures (including food, clothing, baby, digital, home appliances and other categories), online shopping offline experience (two-dimensional code shopping, online shopping goods exhibition etc.), convenience services (prepaid recharge, aircraft booking, hydropower payment), express mail brought etc..

previously, commodity SF hey Inn coming mainly from SF preferred, red dragonfly official mall, Feifei mall, wheat Tesco global, Fiyta more than twenty business platform. The user can choose the platform in the inn hey electronic screen products, then the corresponding delivery platform.

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