Suning com group purchase channel line means what group purchase channel will be officially launched in September 25th, will serve as a separate channel, also joined the ranks of group purchase. Buy site finally experienced a storm after the invasion of calm, ushered in a stable development, the spring of the group, the spring of e-commerce has come.

China’s online shopping market continues to develop rapidly. IResearch data from online shopping transactions continued to grow, the continued growth of the size of the online banking transactions, especially personal online banking transactions have exceeded the size of the enterprise NetEase, enough to explain everything. The second quarter of 2012, the overall size of Chinese network economy reached 94 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of 66.1%, rose 22.5%, while the contribution of e-commerce growth rate as high as 50.6%, is the biggest driving force of economic growth Chinese network market, e-commerce industry is the highest contribution rate. Online shopping market share is the largest e-commerce market in the market (2012Q2 accounted for 84.7%), because Amazon China, Jingdong mall fast and easy network to carry out large-scale anniversary activities, many network operators have joined the large range to 3C as the representative of the home appliance price war activities, and marketing activities to boost high-speed Internet shopping the development of.

Chinese online shopping market to continue its rapid development, the first half of 2012 China independent B2C e-commerce website whether it is from the average monthly number of orders, or from the user or from the repeat purchase rate ranking, the fastest growth rate or orders of the fastest growing independent B2C e-commerce website is hard to ignore. as a comprehensive department store has been successfully enter the ranks of e-commerce.

in the first half from 2012 China ten independent B2C e-commerce website in ranked sixth month coverage relative trend has been rising; the fastest growth rate of orders from ranked third, the monthly order volume CAGR of 18.7%, monthly order volume trend upward; the fastest growth rate from the view of ranked fifth, the growth rate reached 9.5%. Suning is not only a combination of offline mode, the battlefield to the Internet, the advantage in e-commerce, is the fastest growth rate of growth and order of e-commerce website, and now the goal is to enter the group purchase industry.

figure 2012 is the first half of China’s top ten independent B2C e-commerce sites ranked


figure two is the first half of the year in China’s ten largest monthly orders growth fastest website ranking


figure three is the first half of China’s top ten fastest growing website ranking


although the enthusiasm of Internet users to buy in the first half of 2012 showed a downward trend, especially in July reached the lowest point. But the pattern of buying in the form of extensive to diversify. Group >

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