Traffic to buy the race Double eleven sales behind the competition


marketing platform Mary billion company, CEO overall, fine Ke Xing said that during the double eleven flow price to rise more than doubled. Usually 0.5-0.6 yuan a single click, rose to about 1.5 yuan during the double period of eleven.

trainee reporter Wang Chuanhong Beijing reported

Cao Yining, vice president of

bags seller UTC remember, in 2010 when the double eleven, the main business activities through the main venue to get traffic. With the increase in the number of players, since 2013, Tmall began to form personalized customization page in the user’s home page, there is no longer a fixed main venue page for businesses to get traffic.

so, a large number of businesses like Cao Yining began to seek more accurate advertising channels outside Tmall station. A large number of third party DSP (demand side platform) has gradually become the choice of businesses, businesses and DSP platform for direct docking, the middle is Ali mother. It is reported that Ali mother received 10% of the service fee, providing transaction settlement and marketing results tracking.

traffic buy contest

this year, Cao eleven years to participate in the "double" activities of the fifth. The first time to participate in the double eleven, we did not buy the concept of flow." He said. But gradually, businesses began to increase advertising demand in the double eleven period, the Yi Bo, Yoyi, the domestic third party DSP platform, is undoubtedly a huge business opportunities.

, however, there is no experience outside the station advertising experience, such an attempt to pay tuition.

"in 2013 we got a high flow rate, but the conversion rate is very low." Cao Yining said that the company in the purchase of the traffic flow blindly, but did not take into account the coverage of the crowd with the brand fit to consider. In second, the company began to adjust strategy.

to UTC experts, for example, this year it still has 1/3 of the advertising costs in Taobao and Tmall station, which is part of the fixed-point launch. In addition to the flow of traffic outside the station, the company in recent years, the trend is that the amount of the amount of mobile terminals to occupy the station to put more than half of the amount invested.

"our feeling is that with the popularity of mobile phones, advertising process is becoming more complex." Cao Yining said.

according to the amount invested, nearly three years UTC experts in double eleven advertising basically stable at 1 million between -150 million, but for the big sellers on the platform, in eleven during the double advertising expenses, in the basic level of ten million yuan.

, a family of eleven years ago ranked top home textile brand, in the last two hours of the last two or three hours, in order to punch ranking and sales, often do not look at the price of the purchase flow." Cao Kening told reporters. On the one hand, the big sellers want to ensure rankings, on the other hand, there are a lot of inventory digestion needs.

in this case, DSP and shopping portal, effect >

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