Net goods are bad off 800 stores deducted 1000 yuan deposit

Zhang said earlier in other platform shop never met someone bad being the deposit. Fold 800 responded that the specific provisions of the provisions of the deduction by the Commissioner, if any objection can appeal.

Beijing Morning News Hotline 96101 (reporter Fan Yijing) Zhang in the fold of the network to open a shop, through the quality of the products on the line after the platform is based on the user’s feedback to the poor quality of goods by 27%, deducted a margin of $1000 800. Mr. Zhang said, had never met someone on other platforms shop being poor margin situation. Fold 800 responded that the specific provisions of the provisions of the deduction by the Commissioner, if any objection can appeal.

Zhang said, the company in accordance with the 800 fold business platform process settled, at the end of September successfully settled shop sales. Mr. Zhang said: "our company passed the quality inspection platform samples 800 fold, but in the sales process, buyers said product quality is not good, then the product rated by 800 fold difference deduct 1000 yuan deposit." Mr. Zhang presented the company sent 800 fold "net margin" letter to reporters, said the statistics found that buyers of Mr. Zhang in the overall evaluation of mobile phone screen amplifier fold 800 sale of the site is poor, such as 27% user feedback goods of poor quality, have the right to 800 fold depending on the specific evaluation and sales net margin of 1000 -5000 yuan.

Zhang said that he has a shop selling products in various platforms, the other platforms will be sent to the contract, the two sides signed before the settlement procedures, and 800 did not sign any written contract with us. On how much difference to reach the deduction fee, did not express to us. In addition, there is no platform that will be deducted from the margin. And I found that the deduction of 1000 yuan deposit did not compensate the buyer, but to the platform."

reporter asked a number of fold 800 sellers service hotline customer service staff, they said, business violations, evaluation rate, overtime after the establishment of the complaint and the establishment of post sales rights rate, etc. are involved in the margin. Do not require the parties to enter into any paper contract. The provisions on the deduction of the deposit shall be determined by the commissioner." Reporter contacted Mr. Zhang’s commissioner, that is, according to the buyer for the first time a specific evaluation of the content, the difference of more than 15%, the margin will be deducted from the company platform." Reporters also consulted other electronic business platform that, in general, the deposit will not be easily deducted. Poor evaluation of the impact on the individual stores, will not involve margin."

Beijing keno Zhang Xinnian law firm lawyers believe that the need to look at the contract, such as "no contract or contract basis is unknown, according to business platform margin unilateral standard deduction."

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