Wechat Business! The value of packaging to sell your products

whether the micro business or business or! If you do not know how to package their products, then you will be very tired, but also can not get the corresponding return! If you are electricity providers, may also enter the price war.


as the first marketing circle of friends and I often visit other silent circle of friends, which found a particularly interesting phenomenon, many micro business release information about the products in the circle of friends, or before the kind of old-fashioned way, is free to introduce myself in the effectiveness of the product and how good


for this kind of advertising, although I do not dislike, but I believe your friend WeChat already disgusted, especially strange friends, even you have blocked, you do not know, so many advertisements every day what


as long as you learn the value of the product packaging operation, whether you write copy or circle of friends, or write sales soft, potential customers can let you easily grab you, or even to sell high prices.

1, refining product benefits

we must remember a word: the product is only a tool, easy to use is the purpose, more important thing is to get the benefits of products to us. You can imagine is not the reason for this is the same? Why do you choose mobile phone, apple, Samsung and other mobile phone, but not other domestic mobile phone? Nothing more than apple mobile phone to play more smoothly, and when you get out more face, right?

is another example: a person’s face covered with acne, why want to put it out? Why? After all, you just feel embarrassed, not confident, especially in the face of the opposite sex, you will become more confident. So what he wants is a way to help him solve the problem of embarrassment and lack of confidence. This is the spiritual needs behind him.

: if you only simply told him that the product you can have acne, or acne efficacy, I believe he will be completely indifferent, or try to find the products you buy. But if I can tell him that my product can help him to become more confident in front of the opposite sex, I believe he will choose me, because I know him better.

When we released

products copy in the circle of friends must first think of your products for the crowd what pain, what is a spiritual needs behind them? You can go to better their pain points, cut in resonate, and then tell them that you have this product to help them to solve this problem, instead of naked selling your product.

everyone love to sell, but love is to seduce! This is similar to the number of selling the company to sell you products, you may hear advertisements, immediately hang up, but if others can know your spiritual needs, and then tell you the benefits of this product, I believe you will be interested in listen! Remember, be sure to tell others, for he (she).

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