YouTube VS nets youtube net cn arbitration victory

recently, D& N; domain name from the Arbitration Commission Office was informed that the well-known online video website and two limited recapture trademark domain name from the Beijing nets of hands, reason is a trademark registered in the company to get than before the domain name dispute.

in the end, the panel believes that the complainant on YouTube since March 1, 2006 to enjoy the exclusive right to use a registered trademark, the complaint was registered in April 17, 2006, the domain name". If the complaint is directly caused by the complainant’s inability to use the disputed domain name on the Internet to use the name or logo of the prior legal rights and interests, the complainant’s behavior is malicious. The complainant shall be transferred to the complainant.

According to

D& N; domain name firms to understand better than the company has recently launched a number of domain name dispute cases, such as,, and other cases, taking into account the China market environment and the particularity of trademark law, YouTube company in the country are better than in the name of the company launched, and in the world are is the name of GOOGLE INC. filed. According to the investigation, better than the company has in March 1, 2006 enjoy trademark rights need to be cautious, D& N domain name cybersquatting related domain name investment firms that. (source:

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