The most disgusting stock speculation face domain name was registered online selling 880 thousand

        this article is some ignorant media’s speculation, whether in Sina or newhua, or the traditional media, often appear a certain domain name, so the garbage, suddenly hundreds of thousands, millions of price. Remember, just like the price, whimsical bubble. Let the media and the ignorance of the speculation, more ferocious in floating in the shadow. While some real people familiar with the chilling and feel shame. I hope that after the media and the webmaster attention, not to be proud, and to despise such ignorance. Here is a media analysis.


        famous stunts "face" ( [editor’s note: Fortunately, not com. If the com is not the bovine and God] international domain name users registered, to 880 thousand yuan in the Taobao online public offering. The reporter then opened the Taobao website, and to search for relevant information:    [garbage general price is the use of this kind of form, anyway, blowing anger not taxed]

        subsequently, reporters call the famous Sichuan Opera Art Master Mr. Peng, the face ( domain is the Internet as a tool to make money. Mr Peng reluctantly said: "no way, which is beyond our control, we can only blame no good to face these folk art protection. The face is a kind of folk art, is the quintessence of Chinese culture. Just want to have this domain name to be able to carry it forward!"

        face culture and art

        face is the use of a special character in the opera art. It is a romantic way to reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters in the play. "Not afraid of rogue, gangster culture, disgusting speculation, if pull up the packaging, it was with an air of importance.

        according to legend, "the face of the ancient human face of the ferocious beast, in order to survive painted their faces with different patterns, in order to scare the invading beast. The Sichuan Opera "facechange" onto the stage, with the exquisite technique make it become a unique art.


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