World Cup 618 melee electricity supplier and the mobile terminal at the siege and O2O

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is a Jingdong 618 anniversary, is also the world cup every 4 years, then 6-8 months with the traditional sales season, the electricity supplier website certainly will not miss this marketing opportunity, have launched various marketing activities. Not the same as in previous years, the mobile terminal becomes Jingdong and Ali fight focus, and at the siege of Jingdong, O2O testing has become a new hotspot.

mobile terminal wars

mobile electricity supplier is a new battlefield, who can ultimately grasp the initiative in the mobile electricity supplier market, will affect the future pattern.

online shopping festival as a veteran maker Jingdong and Alibaba, the focus of this year have transferred the mobile terminal, to accept the former Tencent investment before the listing, WeChat, mobile phone QQ level entrance, which recently acquired UC expand mobile terminal entrance share.

data show that after the Jingdong from the mobile terminal sales accounted for about 10%, but at the start of WeChat level entrance, an increase of 8 times more than the original two entrance sales. Ali has just updated the SEC file shows that the amount of its mobile terminal turnover rose from the previous 10.7 to 27.4%.

in early June by Jingdong, WeChat QQ and mobile phone client issued 1 billion yuan worth of Jingdong red envelopes, hope the mobile terminal users through the promotion of culture shopping habits. But with the world cup, the Jingdong’s financial swellheaded tools online banking wallet also launched a football quiz to win prizes, hope to promote financial services.

has just released Ali through the code Amoy strategy layout Mobile: Tmall will linkage more than 300 thousand online and offline businesses, through the mobile phone Taobao client sweeping code, not only can receive Tmall prepared envelopes, lottery coupons and businesses as well as a variety of privilege, wish for a new play to scan code business.

business solutions Analysys vice president Tian Zheng said the plan, as the two major electricity supplier oligopoly, Jingdong and Ali became the focus of attention of the big promotion, the two major electricity supplier platform will conduct a comprehensive competition in sales, sales, logistics and distribution efficiency, operational data of the mobile terminal diversion and platform system.

O2O preliminary test water

Jingdong and Ali in the mobile terminal in addition to the fierce competition in the O2O above is used, but the two sides go out exhaust all the skills, are two different roads.

Jingdong O2O convenience store with the opportunity to cooperate, through the integration of the system to create new retail formats. During the 618 Jingdong launched Airlines charter flights from the United States, cherry presending activities throughout the cold chain distribution, with the cooperation of Beijing and Shanghai City convenience store launched the "buy send red 1+1 Jingdong".

and Ali’s focus is still scan code strategy. Although the outside world that this is another attempt to achieve large O2O Ali, but Ali COO does not like to discuss this topic, he believes that O2O is a false proposition.


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