Where the old B2C platform competition at the low level of price war phase


all passengers aged CEO (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) November 23rd news, CEO aged Eslite today at the seventh session of Chinese online retail annual meeting, B2C platform competition or stay in a very simple price war level, and have not formed the real core competitiveness.

business platform for the dispute between the old, that is at the core of the double eleven, Tmall’s win is flow plus price war. About China business platform and the American Amazon difference, Chen said, Amazon in the United States is the core competitiveness of the market, rather than Amazon itself is so magical.

"China this market competition is too fierce, and all pointing more than and 10 years ago that we imagined or expected, said China have a monopolized Chinese Amazon appears."

also pointed out that five years old, we prove that the Internet can give birth to a scale of clothing brand, depending on the product, especially fashion; futures is overwhelming traditional brand the biggest problem, where the customer is relying on the data to establish the process of quick response and flexible allocation of supply chain.


old speech.

thank you, thank you, for a long time did not come to the billion state power will be able to attend today, I am very excited, just when the preparation of every guest, and even can be said that when the customer has not opened when I remember very clearly had attended a state power will, for I was an increase in the number of confidence. I asked you what is the national day’s keynote address? I hope what I say and the National Day is the same, I just heard it, he said he is the keynote of today we each do their own, don’t want to rule or a single large, it is this period of time, or in the past year I have seen China e-commerce market, especially the B2C platform this market I think the question.

B2C platform has not yet formed the core competitiveness of

in the US in 2000, when just beginning to do joyo.com, have an idea of how to make China Amazon, I think the expectations of more than ten years, from such a myth in 1998 in the minds of investors, when to give birth to a country like Amazon’s business. But in the past few years, indeed the process we did not see a clear path too much to the original expectations, some time ago I told people, there may Chinese this market is very difficult birth of such an enterprise, or the formation of such a pattern, in the past ten years, my own the feeling is from the B2C platform, I feel, I say may offend the national day, I feel is the B2C platform enterprise has not formed their own core competitiveness, if the formation of their own core competitiveness, the change is not so fast.

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