Wanda really suitable for e commerce

is China Wanda offline retail giant’s largest, commercial real estate, hotels, cinemas, chain stores, tourist resort five main business across the country, many users remember as can be imagined, and a friend talking to Wanda, Wanda said in the five industry investment in the service, each to a place that must be near the shopping district, business fast line, visible Wanda led economic benefits.

remember Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin said that China’s more than 4 thousand and 800 electricity supplier, only Ma to make money, the 4799 are losing money. 2012 double eleven day, Taobao + Tmall day sales reached 19 billion 100 million yuan, this is a day coming ah, so that the line is too much to handle most of the retail giant, Alibaba announced again in 2013 when the future, the Alibaba has 10000 million is accounted for, this figure is equivalent to GDP in China the 2%, ranking in the provinces of GDP are in the top ten, the infinite charm of e-commerce so that the line retail giants envy.

Wang Jianlin and 2012CCTV China MA in the annual economic task award presentation ceremony on bet: "10 years after 2020, if the electricity supplier in the China retail market, the retail market share of 50%, I gave him one hundred million, if he did to me one hundred million." This bet, showing Wang Jianlin steady electricity supplier strategy, it is the confidence of the traditional industry, then say, why did Wang Jianlin want to enter the electricity supplier?


high-profile recruit

in a search site, showing the Wanda recruitment information, general manager of the annual salary of 2 million, general manager of Technology Department of the annual salary of 1 million 100 thousand, "190 thousand designers, 900 thousand chief engineer, vice president of marketing and product marketing manager of 50~90 million, 300 thousand, general manager of the marketing department 800 thousand. The final paid poaching, served as the headquarters of Google technical manager of e-commerce Alibaba, senior director of international trading technology Gong Yitao served as general manager of Wanda electricity supplier, Dunhuang, former vice president Liu Sijun as Wanda electricity supplier COO.

O2O model is more suitable for Wanda


indeed, the creation of a new model has a great risk, not to mention in this model is still immature. But Wang Jianlin saw in recent years the rapid development of the electricity supplier, it is a great impact on the retail line, Wanda as the largest retail giant, the impact is excusable, so the online and offline combination, the O2O model, may be more suitable for wanda.

Wanda has enough cash flow and real estate, department stores and other five major advantages of business, if you can integrate the advantages of the next line, coupled with the electricity supplier, O2O model is more suitable for Wanda, but also the most economical. If Wanda O2O model will play incisively and vividly, not only the expansion of the business level and better increase customer stickiness, or a breakthrough in China’s electricity business.


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