Product manager’s technique and device from idea to product prototype

from idea to product, the middle is going through a few twists and turns, product positioning to determine product life, determine the product function requirement determines the development cycle and the cost of trial and error, the Internet fight is fast, so do MVP (minimum viable product), of course, before this, you can also go to by way of high fidelity prototype demo products.

sort out some of the working methods and tools from the product concept to the project execution phase, the prototype delivery phase:

1, ideas

according to the product form drawing the user flow chart such as login process, shopping APP users in the shopping process, there is a page and function helps to think about the products involved; the next need to APP functional classification summary, finishing a framework of products by the mind, to make a reference for the design of APP interface.

design stage with a pencil sketch on the OK, when it is determined, you need to organize into the PRD document.


sample flow chart

flow chart software recommended VISIO and OmniGraffle, a simple flow chart Powerpoint can also


example mind map

mind mapping software recommended Xmind and MindNode

2, inspiration

A good

design inspiration must be derived from the daily accumulation of material, see N APP in your N design, with design patterns, see a need, you have to fill out a APP appearance of brain.

recommended inspiration website: Behance, Dribble



material finishing tools: Pixave, Ember, Inboard, through the image of the tag, the rapid establishment of the classification of your material library, and it is easy to search.

you may ask, "is a professional UI/UX designer products also need to design so deep?", on the one hand, for the design, I really love, I will take the effort to study; on the other hand, my view is that UI design is based on your prototype to do interface design that will be subject to certain limitations. If you are a senior designer, will add their own experience and thinking of the design, the primary UI, may be based on your prototype directly to design. For color collocation, icon drawing and other UI design have the right to speak, but your product structure, layout layout, at the beginning of the impact of design thinking

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