Angel Li Yong tiger sniffing the biggest winner board three new board had 1 net worth hundreds of mi


yesterday, the Internet technology circle, circle, venture capital circles are tiger sniffing to three new board news scraper. No wonder, this is known as the fixed assets of only light office furniture company, 2014 income of less than 10 million yuan, even a lot of cattle from the media are not as large income, valuation has to be ran 300 million yuan, naturally led to a controversy. But there are still a lot of people optimistic about the growth of tiger sniffing.

tiger sniffing can have today’s results, it is the founder and founder team to spell out the results. Tiger sniffing early founding team member Wu Shu had been on the back of the tiger sniffing the early stages of the hardships:


is a June (2012), and the mosquito mating season, I came to the line less than 1 months of the tiger sniffing, when only four people wrote the original manuscript, three founder + small I, which has a children’s later to do the market……

then the tiger sniffing is still a Sanshiyiting residential building in the office, six days a week in normal class, normal Sunday overtime, every two weeks a week to 7:00 in the morning to the company value early ah, one to two days a week to write the headlines at 4:00-5:00 in the morning. (as for the room there is a bed for a night that I will not dwell on the


life is like this:

that time travel, I do not love the high iron plane, know what!!! Because you don’t fuck, taking off and landing writing, write more than 1 hours on the plane did not ah, WIFI ah, how to update the background the article ah.

4, 5 people, hair every day of the 20 articles, there are still a variety of the background of the magic of the text waiting for you to review the 100.

write bad comment in the comments, ah, ah, micro-blog also forwarded ah reviewer slow, people directly on the spray ah!

writing on the table, sitting on the writing, each trip colleagues thought we were crazy, "the tiger sniffing people live and what significance", this sentence text without copying and forwarding.

then even brother have their own feeling about the God of war.

But you know

, the founder of Li Min students Duoma Niubi!

remember brother backstage statistical technology of software development, then there are 200 article ah, a three of us wrote 100 papers, Li Min wrote 100 articles on their students.


sisters at 6 every day to the office, this is the fuck to the office, can not get up in time.

"how can I get up in the winter?" I asked SB.

do you know how Li Min answers? "Wash your hair with cold water."."

‘s ten thousand face engraved with "respect" two words – in the Pentium.

of course, the children are much more comfortable now, but here’s Shu

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