How terrible brand effect promotion

on the site there is no brand promotion is no keywords ranking so terrible, because the brand promotion can introduce real user groups; to make the brand publicity started from here, the best promotion link and we do is "brand promotion" Wei Wei speaking solution it’s scary:

a. Publicity brand

but we started doing publicity for yourself: essential to promote the brand, of course, is the best site for publicity; start the promotion when a lot of people do not think to do publicity for their own brands, will only make the link to your site is not required; link to do brand promotion, this is one of the most important points. Wei Wei to teach you how to do the promotion of the brand:

1 to the user to establish a good image: in a number of platforms to determine the brand image; for example: "Shenzhen car rental" we pull down the box to find the time the user wants to know the needs;



tips for "Shenzhen car company" demand is the most obvious one, then we determined the group effort in the platform: Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu library, some relevant forums, search Q & a question and answer, and so some Q & a platform with a little more effort; as shown in figure



we need is: ask questions (the title must include the Shenzhen car rental company, the appropriate use of some long tail word; do not understand can use the long tail word mining tools), as shown in figure


To solve the problem of

(the first it needs to help users solve problems, and then promote their brands as above; Q: need a car to the reference price list is very simple; we need to provide some of their own company on the line "this is before I rented a company’s price list, you look at the price!" we were saying "I feel like a company’s service is good, the price is very affordable, the car is also good, I suggest you to see their company, address: × × × ×") this is not very well put in place certain company brand publicity; figure of China auto rental brand publicity:


we do not need to promote hard: do not tell the questioner, you go directly to a certain company to see it, so the company’s best service, as shown in figure


is soft promotion: "we need to tell the questioner I tried the product users, let them know what we feel is how a company is recommended; I used, the service is also good, say some polite words, let the questioner trust us." Wei Wei point: we need to ask more questions on the platform

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