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more than five years ago, what shop No. 1 is? Just a concept, a dream, a vision, and put this concept into reality there is a huge gap, because the concept of if parked in the mouth is always just a concept.

: from the first threshold occupation manager to entrepreneur

in 2008, and my partner Liu Junling are DELL executives, a DELL global annual $18 billion purchase, a DELL China tube region sales, then we often get together, most of the time is to talk about work. Once, he pulled me to lunch together, this time did not talk about the work, but I hope to go out with him.

for the first time in the United States business brought me a very good life experience (Note: do aviation management software, in the United States for the first time in his business just to sell products to almost all of the major U.S. airlines), so when Liu Junling suggested only entrepreneurial thinking, is not very clear what to do I promised him. And that is largely based on a belief that if we two can put our heart into it, we will create greater value.

proposed business ideas seem very simple, but actually it is not easy, because we have a senior executive of the world’s top 50 companies, with a generous salary and welfare, entrepreneurship means giving up DELL to all our things. Later we moved to Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang hi tech park, a ten square meters of a desk in the office, starting from zero, this decision is not good. But you didn’t lose it will not get, so we will make the decision.

entrepreneurial early, the mentality is very important, we just retired from the professional manager of the venture, a lot of ups and downs, such as financing. I remember the time we went to Puxi (Shanghai) to see a 30 year old early VC partner. Before I and mountains to prepare very full PPT, the core competitiveness, business model and market analysis clearly written. However, only about 10 minutes, he is not interested, and I began to say: we are high class occupation managers know how to do 1 10, but do not believe we can do 1 to 0. I argued with him that he had a career in the United States, from 0 to do over 1. He said it was the United States, China, and gave us a full more than and 40 minutes.

on the way back, I and mountains did not say a word. May all horse camp students in thought, I was not very frustrated, former executives are now suddenly encountered such a supercilious. I can tell the dark horse camp students, I do not have any frustration, the heart is only thinking about one thing: in the future I must prove that he is wrong. Now it seems that the investor is afraid of losing his biggest chance in his life and may never have another chance!

second threshold: start doing what

so I and mountains began in Zhang Jiang only a >

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