Secret three reasons for the lack of customer service network

According to the analysis report of

Protection Commission recently released the third quarter of this year, consumer complaints consumer complaints network group purchase of Suzhou City, a linear upward trend, has formed a new category, and the complaint sites for big well-known sites.

we see from the nature of the complaint, there are 7 complaints for the group to buy product contracts and after-sales service. What is the cause of the lack of network group purchase service, in further investigation, found that "only the price first", "lack of communication with the business" and "industry unspoken rule" is the result of the lack of service network group purchase three


only price is the main cause of the shortage of service

nowadays, the network group purchase group purchase in order to attract consumers, to depress commodity prices, although the group purchase page, we see that the price is very tempting, shaking the discount is also low, but due to the limited capacity of group purchase business, ultimately have to rely on "cuts" to resolve consumer rights. This is reflected in the catering group purchase especially we often see user complaints, the same dish, group purchase goods to goods than the normal component of the small, even a bun, group purchase also to a smaller size than the normal


lack of communication is a secondary cause of service shortages

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site in the development of group purchase group purchase and business affairs without good communication, such as the use of coupons and rules, distribution of interests, causing consumer to business households consumption, operating households do not honor their commitments. If a user complaints a well-known network group purchase, with 1 yuan a business group purchase a 100 yuan coupon, said the general audience, but the real time to use, but use this coupon not many goods. Again, now some group purchase website through the "agent" to negotiate with the business activities, and all kinds of excuses by group purchase "agents" often withhold payment, eventually making "agents" commitment can not deliver content.

industry unspoken rules is another reason for the shortage of services

today, many media reports, consumers obtain invoices in group purchase consumption, often encounter group purchase websites and businesses to buck each other, eventually nobody to provide invoices. To participate in a group purchase business told reporters, when they talk about the network group purchase and don’t talk about the invoice, just blindly encourage businesses to participate in activities, allow businesses to maximize profits, and in this process, and not too many customers ask for an invoice, "100 people may encounter a to invoice, the merchant told reporters. Because people rarely ask for invoices, the group does not seem to have become an invoice to buy the industry unspoken rules.

service shortage is really not important, micro-blog is more widely spread in today, there are 1 consumer complaints may be hundreds or even thousands of fans to see, and these fans also may be the two reproduced or spread by word of mouth, the negative publicity caused the brand reputation network group purchase straight down, make the consumer group purchase trust degree is reduced, resulting in net sales of group purchase.

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