Jingdong’s new package post policy will be released the overall increase of 20 yuan threshold

March 31st news, informed sources, Jingdong from the beginning of April 2, 2015 to implement a new free shipping standards, the overall increase of 20 yuan.

figure Jingdong logistics warehouse

it is understood that, in accordance with the new standards, ordinary members (including gold, silver, Bronze Member Member Member, registered members) consumer need at least 79 yuan square free shipping, Diamond Membership spending 59 yuan free postage, did not reach the threshold of 5 yuan charge free postage postage. The adjustment is only for the pre-sale freight standards, aftermarket and POP freight no change. The new standard will come into force on April 2nd, the next few days, the user is still in accordance with the current 59 yuan /39 yuan standard implementation.

billion state power network compared with other electricity supplier shipping threshold, at present, Amazon China is 99 yuan, suning.com is 48 yuan, 49 Yuan Yi Xun Wei (Shanghai Xinjiang 59 yuan, Tibet 99 yuan), shop No. 1 by Region 59/99/199 yuan, according to the United States was divided into 39/99 yuan two tranches, Dangdang by region divided into 49/59 yuan two tranches, SF preferred 99/199 yuan two tranches, I bought the food network is 100 yuan. Therefore, it can be seen that Jingdong will launch 79 yuan (diamond member $59) is a medium level.

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