The pain of my domain name business nternet two customer service is quite different

yesterday to login member center. Submission service support. Waiting for their treatment. Reply said let me delete my written posts. I replied that the editor. Then customer service reply. Want to delete all. So. You directly to my regret past doings. The domain name password to I don’t get why the simple? It is now asking the complex problems? I put the end to delete my password. Then contact her QQ. results or failed.


business Internet -006 13:57:33

actually want a password is very simple, good talk, I will give you

business Internet -006 13:59:47

you go on, calm down and come to me.

I’ll give you the password

today, I suddenly thought of a QQ and other customer service to talk about their company to see what they say there is no difference. Finally found the oh.

is the following and other customer service chats:

is in a bad mood 09:28:45

Hello, I would like to inquire about the agent

business interconnection – LAN 09:29:12


business interconnection – LAN 09:29:29

now we have three agents.

level is different, the agent price is also different

business interconnection – LAN 09:31:47

I don’t know what grade the agent is. I can introduce you to

is in a bad mood 09:32:27

I would like to ask your domain name can be transferred out of the

business interconnection – LAN 09:33:05

your domain name can be transferred to

at any time

business interconnection – LAN 09:33:15

roll out can also be

business interconnection – LAN 09:33:22

just before transfer to renew a year,

is in a bad mood 09:37:31

do you have a limit on the quantity of your agent


is in a bad mood 09:37:46

, for example, did not have a business after 1000 downgrade

business interconnection – LAN 09:38:14

as long as the annual consumption. Save your proxy level

business interconnection – LAN 09:38:18


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