Ma Yun’s new Taobao play C2C O2O

reporter Hou Jiyong Beijing reported

December 3rd, the Alibaba held in Hangzhou Taobao "double 12" Strategy Conference, said Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng in an interview in twenty-first Century economic report, and in previous years, sales of innovative marketing play different, Taobao this year, double 12 is intended to provide consumers with new and unexpected life experience.

if you double 11 belong to Tmall, for the brand, then double 12 belong to Taobao, for small sellers.

Alibaba’s competitors focus on sales and marketing innovation, Jingdong said it would launch an angel to send love, lucky draw, membership service upgrades, let "four heavy gift" in December, the "angel sent love" quite a concern. 10, ~12, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, the consumers of the four places, in the mall to buy a single commodity, there will be an opportunity to receive the gift of a beautiful angel composed of love angel handed the package.

also received the "angel of love" delivery of the user, as well as the opportunity to get sent by the Jingdong, a face value of 360 yuan coupons, will also send 8 Mercedes Benz Smart car.

United States will launch online "raising love to win 1212 envelopes, the user can through the circle of friends to raise public" love "to get more amount of red envelopes, the maximum amount of 1212 yuan, reached a strategic cooperation with the United States online also the upcoming film" play "micro love cross-border marketing.

it seems to the outside world, after the rise of Tmall, Taobao’s importance has been greatly reduced, because with the development of the electricity supplier, B2C has become more mainstream than C2C. In fact, for Taobao, Ma has a high expectations, even more than Tmall. From C2C to B2C is the two stage of the physical electricity providers have passed, but with the development of mobile Internet service providers, O2O will become a new field of business growth, while in the O2O era, play changed, C2C!


mobile phone Taobao and Alipay wallet is the most important Alibaba two mobile applications.

mobile era, Taobao faces the biggest challenge is the entrance problem: compared with WeChat, QQ, micro-blog mobile phone, mobile phone or Taobao, or Alipay wallet, is not a high frequency applications, users share is not a long time. This is different from the PC era, as an electricity supplier site, Taobao’s traffic in China’s Internet site was ranked in the top three, the top two is Baidu, Tencent.

in front of all APP, there is a total entrance, that is, "software + hardware". Such as apple, in the "hardware + software + Internet service, apple actually provide" software + hardware ", the vast majority of Internet services by third party developers, millet future architecture too, has formed a strong entrance.

is precisely because of this, Ma Yuncai on the exchange of fire Antarctic expectations, while investing in Sina micro-blog, unfamiliar street and other products. < >

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