Tmall’s ambition to let the car into the nternet

This print journalist Ma Jiying

_ editor _ hit Xiangde

Internet what can sell this day is getting closer.

January 2013, Tmall mall car business leader Shi Jian came to Guangzhou, and Dongfeng Nissan digital marketing minister, said nearly two hours of talks, trying to convince the other side to cooperate with Tmall.

Tmall in 2013, the vehicle has great ambitions, will do a lot of things. Almost all the major car manufacturers we are in contact." Shi Jian expresses to "Chinese entrepreneur". As of the end of 2012, Tmall’s flagship car manufacturers have about 10, while in 2013 this figure will rise to 25. The next three to five years, Tmall’s car sales plan is more than 10 billion.

compared with the traditional sales channels, electricity providers can accumulate high attention beyond imagination. As the first to open a flagship store in the automotive business, Geely Global Hawk flagship store on Tmall in 2012 to attract 2 million of the audience’s target audience in the year of, to achieve a collection of about 50 thousand sales clues. Don’t do activities every day tens of thousands of people into the flagship store, if you do it even activities of tens of millions of people, the average person in the store stay in 270 seconds. The length of time indicates that these visitors are not wandering.

not only that, Tmall can also be specific models and database user information to match, do one to one promotion. In Shi Jian’s opinion, unless a person is living in the deep mountains and forests will not be touch, otherwise it will be. "Now is not a popular book called" big data era "?" his personal experience, "with all the car manufacturers to communicate this, they will all eyes shine."

let Tmall’s most proud of the success story is the story of Jianghuai Yue yue. Yue Yue is a high hopes of JAC cars, but because of the high price after listing factors, the market did not open. With sales director Feng Qianbao said JAC Yue Yue, Yue Yue has reached a monthly sales An important juncture of life and death, only a few hundred taiwan. From 2012 to April in Tmall on-line sales so far, Yue Yue a month sales can do about 1500. Tmall is equivalent to do direct sales, channel costs significantly reduced. Each car about 4000 dollars to reduce the cost of space, so that the competitiveness of the product will be enhanced." Feng Qianbao said.

but for more car companies, only by numbers and Yue Yue’s story doesn’t choose its electricity supplier to provide sufficient reason. Tmall is currently facing an embarrassing reality is that the sales volume of sales by clicking on the contribution of corporate sales is not large. Many car companies to the Internet as a sales channel for the collection of clues, rather than sales channels.

online car sales this thing, showing the role of interaction is much greater than the role of sales." Geely Automobile electricity supplier official said, we are more focused on the display of the brand image, customer clues collection, a certain number of transactions. >

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