The seller data analysis guide Taobao know baizhanbudai

almost every mention of Taobao operating data marketing, basically can say these software: quantum constant, Taobao index, data cube. But when it comes to specific applications, in the end to pay attention to what indicators, how to optimize these indicators, their stores are at what stage, what is the problem, how to change the next…… Many sellers would try.

ancient enemy, baizhanbudai have cloud. Data analysis is actually doing these two things. The friend is to his shop and knows the situation itself is to have a clear understanding of the environment and a direct competitor.



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friends store data analysis

store operations if simple to see, is the flow and transformation of these two things. Therefore, the analysis is mainly from the two indicators. Because the flow structure and directly affects the precision of transformation, transformation is in turn affect the flow, so in the analysis, the first flow of inventory, then make analysis of transformation.

a, flow

1, search traffic

tools: search diagnostic assistant, through train


a basic conditions: no violations, can be in the seller’s workbench – Search diagnostic assistant – Baby diagnostic check.

B: correlation between Category attribute correlation, Title Keyword correlation.

C: if popular window recommend, whether to join the consumer protection, DSR score, Alipay uses time shoot and delivery rate, speed, the effect of want.

D image: a lot of sellers in the optimization of the main search traffic, often ignore the optimization of the picture, but the picture click rate gap, a direct impact on the final search traffic. Buyers are not directly into the search, but attracted by the picture, the picture is very important to optimize. Suggest that you can use the train to test the picture (method will be introduced below).

E price and sales: Sales of products, the price is high, there are more opportunities to display; the same price of the product, the higher sales have more opportunities to show. The inspection of the main indicators of their own direct competitors and the gap, especially the gap between the 7 day sales, in order to make adjustments.

F Title Optimization: in the sales volume is relatively low when the use of long tail words, when sales are high, the use of the word, the word, and repeated test, get the search flow × search conversion rate of maximum.

2, pay traffic

tools: data statements for each payment tool, quantum.

a through train: the diagnosis of through the main look at the click through rate and conversion rate of these two indicators. < >

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