Analysis of the development of the electronic commerce website reservation

The rapid development of the domestic Internet

, the Chinese lifestyle has played a subtle role, people through online shopping at home, you can buy what you want. With the passage of time, people will slowly get used to the website through ordering takeout to solve the problem of food.

one-stop service customer first

The traditional enterprise

online ordering, takeout is card onto the site, a single restaurant information display. Do a little bit more mature will provide online booking service. But for consumers, they need a more comprehensive one-stop service. Good website should be able to form a dialogue with consumers, to answer their questions, to provide more practical and convenient services.

the emergence of a lot of ordering site, Shanghai 129T, Hangzhou rice bond, Beijing China convenience net and so on. Recently, accidental access to an online ordering site in Wenzhou "love takeaway net, Wenzhou is indeed a willing to accept the new city.

love takeaway net in addition to providing business information, also has the function of online ordering. More importantly, the site focuses on the user experience, providing online evaluation, complaints hotline and other ways to facilitate the views of consumers. According to love takeaway CEO Ye Chengyu introduction, the current number of orders per day has more than 1000 orders, the company will continue to improve the quality of customer service, to improve the number of orders.

do a good job in the region to establish regional brand influence

restaurant is a relatively strong regional characteristic industry, each regional consumers have different consumption habits, so for the catering website, do a good job in a region is a nationwide more realistic significance.

Ordering e-commerce website prospects for regional development which

is better? This is according to people’s living habits combined analysis, according to statistics released the latest official, ten city China online shopping consumption are Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Wenzhou and Ningbo. Online shopping consumption of a City largely determines the city’s residents for acceptance of the network, so the choice of online shopping active city is crucial for ordering e-commerce sites.

129T of Shanghai, Hangzhou rice bond, Beijing China convenience network, the emergence of these sites is also consistent with this theory. Hunger breeds discontentment, along with the network popularization, the catering network will become a trend.

online interactive entertainment to become a potential order

The popularity of interactive entertainment, such as

happy farm, proves that interactive function plays an important role in enhancing the stickiness of consumers. The traditional online ordering website, do not allow consumers to interact with the site, naturally it is difficult to establish a good relationship with consumers. Do online interaction, not only can help the site to retain old customers, but also can effectively attract new users to join.

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