What are you waiting for in the new era of network promotion

Internet era, each business, companies need to seriously respond to the new situation of rapid dissemination of information. Who can not conform to the trend, who may be eliminated by the times. Many enterprises in the face of the rapid development of choice when choosing the form of bidding, burn to deal with the internet.

is currently more than 60% enterprises for promotion are a series of problems in the bid to promote the increasingly fierce competition, Baidu agent annual service fee rise, the performance is more obvious, many business leaders choose to reduce the Baidu promotion budget or simply stop Baidu promotion, only because the promotion effect is getting worse, so why the promotion effect is getting worse? Because the 360 reached caused by Baidu’s share dropped? Or is caused by the impact of the new marketing way? Is not in fact, then we will see the real problem of price promotion.


a non professionals responsible for the promotion of

can be said more than 805 open auction business, responsible for promotion are not professional personnel, generally is the company’s editor, in charge of finance, and some is to let Baidu agency responsible for customer service, not professional, basically is a process of learning and practicing, simply add keywords, add ideas, modify the price, and now Baidu bidding competition is so fierce, not millions, tens of millions of advertising spending experience, price is very difficult to do.

two. Keywords matching model

is due to non professional operation of bidding, also determines the operation for the promotion of this process will have more problems, Baidu bidding agency customer service operation, love the keyword matching mode is extensive, this will match a lot of invalid keyword, keyword is not related to the cost of advertising, caused by waste. Just contact the love, the bidding mode is set to match exactly, resulting in low degree of quality, the number of keywords keywords single.

three. Use PPC software

use the traditional enterprise bidding software operation for promotion of a few, because the bidding software claims can quickly control the price adjustment, all the keywords ranking, because many enterprises key words too much is not good management, and in order to get the ranking to use bidding software, actually Baidu promotion background has "rankings, reduce costs, improve the quality of these" the function, compared to the third party software more authoritative and more professional, but also just read it, if the software prompts completely according to the data, it will waste a lot of advertising.

four. Promotion plan and promotion group confusion

The promotion plan and promotion group promotion background

many inside is very chaotic, no key, key points, the team will be hosting the bidding promotion plan is divided into core, long tail, competitive products and so on, each corresponding to dozens of promotion plan promotion group, to ensure accurate classification and extension.


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