Jingdong is still facing a loss WeChat is not its life saving straw

After the listing of

Jingdong, and then access plus Tencent WeChat, seems to have been a tiger with wings added. But Jingdong recently reported that Jingdong is still faced with the plight of losses, the amount reached 582 million 500 thousand yuan. This can not help but let us deeply surprised, why Jingdong still can not be a normal profit, has been widely optimistic about access to WeChat, and now it seems that there is no practical effect. Obviously WeChat is not a life-saving straw Jingdong, although now WeChat is a strong flow platform for the electricity supplier website, and did not imagine so beautiful. Why Jingdong losses, WeChat why not drive Jingdong



flow rate from WeChat is very low

more than 600 million users of WeChat, can be said to be the largest mobile traffic platform, as long as the placement of Jingdong advertising on WeChat platform, traffic is not a big problem. But any electricity supplier website can not just look at the number of traffic, only the formation of the order of the flow of meaning. That is we often say that the conversion rate, conversion from why WeChat platform flow rate will be so low? Although we did not have data Jingdong official, but from the huge loss of the Jingdong, very little actual effect after WeChat access. The main reason is that WeChat users can not change the user’s habits, the user in the use of WeChat, or WeChat as communication, communication tools, rather than the subjective through the WeChat platform to complete the shopping.

electricity supplier earnings need to take into account all aspects of

such as Jingdong B2C mall, in order to profit must take into account the three aspects of capital investment, one is the purchase price of goods, the second is the construction of logistics facilities, the third is the cost of site operations. Jingdong on the quality of products are generally more secure, and Jingdong has its own logistics company, delivery speed, good service attitude. However, the logistics link is indeed very costly, so far, Taobao still has its own logistics company. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the goods, the purchase price of natural high. The Jingdong’s investment and profit is not directly proportional to the only.

Jingdong and Taobao why nothing comparable

in the domestic electricity supplier website ranking, Ali Taobao sit tight in the first chair, and the Jingdong is followed by two masters. But and Taobao electricity supplier model is different, both can be said to have their own advantages and disadvantages, too many fakes on the Taobao, the logistics company is confusing. We used to compare these two giants electricity supplier, in fact, there is nothing comparable, the loss of the Jingdong is not only because of the reduction in turnover. After all, Taobao is the domestic electricity supplier boss, while the loss is not the only Jingdong, and where customers and other large electricity supplier website. Jingdong listed may not be able to change the current situation of loss, access to WeChat is not worth mentioning, at least now WeChat can not play much practical role.

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