Pass before Ali secret network planning platform also has a red Jingdong

news April 12th, insiders told billion state power network broke the news, before the top secret Ali has recently established a network of red incubator platform, the Jingdong intends to contact with WeChat, so as to transform their red end.

public information display, the secret is the founder of 11Star incubator, served as president of Ajimi, who worked at Alibaba for 6 years, serving Ali Institute, Alibaba to build internal training system, the formation of Tmall think-tank, set up O2O Department of Alibaba, after the creation of "Ajimi" company. A reticulocyte Incubation Platform about the recent new, although the secret public relations official denied, but the billion state power network based on public information and insiders broke the news, or find the traces of this company.

, a secret network investment will have been held in red. Billion state power network noted that no individual public secret secret academy "in February 15th released a report called" red net project business cooperation seminar and signing date "article, the signing date held in Hangzhou, time is February 18th.


secret College

two, may involve 5 civilink red. In March 11th, micro-blog has added V users Bo said with the secret meeting, and that it had "more than fifty thousand net red list".

micro-blog broke the news

three, Xue Xue Zi and Xu Xiaoping investment. At the same time, there is news that Xue Zi and Xu Xiaoping to a network of red incubator investment in Hangzhou ten million. But industry insiders confirmed to billion state power network, its investment is the Ali group O2O division is responsible for the secret (Li Chuan) to create the company.

Xu Xiaoping broke the news

four, the name may be called red". In Sina, micro-blog, billion state power network found a named "red" with V users, the micro-blog certified as "Hangzhou red Network Technology Co. ltd.". The user has not released any micro-blog, but there are 35 concern, which concern through the micro-blog search function only 3 V users, all online grasshopper staff, including a micro-blog called "micro shots Xinjiang" user.


red micro-blog

five, trade and Industry Bureau registration information exposure. In the information publicity system Industrial and Commercial Bureau national enterprises (Zhejiang) in the search for "red", the state power it found a company named "Hangzhou red Network Technology Co. Ltd." business. It was formally established in February 22, 2016, the registered capital of 1 million yuan, the business involved in the Internet, advertising, business management, legal representative Zhang Zhang, shareholders have He Qin, Zhang Xinjiang and Li Chuan. Among them, Zhang Jiang >

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