Payment financing CBC large electricity supplier platform or on line in October

, we set up a preparatory platform for e-commerce platform, the new electricity supplier platform nine, October will be on the line." Recently, ICBC (3.90, 0, 0%) electronic banking insiders told reporters.

around October 2012, ICBC head office from a number of departments deployed personnel, the establishment of e-commerce platform of the preparatory group, unified office.

currently ICBC online mall to the main shopping, a new business platform will set online shopping, investment banking, network financing, consumer credit in one, increase financial investment and financing function will improve the service ability.

and after the introduction of electronic business platform, the preparatory group may be transferred to the electronic banking department in charge of e-commerce business sub sector, but the news has not been confirmed icbc.

launched the electronic business platform, not only the bank to deal with the financial tide of the Internet strategy, but also an important step in the construction of its information banking.

reporter contact business platform for industry related departments to each other is still in preparation for the declined an interview.

small business or temporarily not on the platform

build electronic business platform is a key project this year, chairman Jiang Jianqing attaches great importance to mention the matter in the interior." According to a person familiar with the situation.


newspaper had exclusive was informed that the work held in July 16th this year, the annual meeting, ICBC chairman Jiang Jianqing said, to promote the informatization construction of bank, and mentioned three points: strengthen the authenticity of customer information management, speed up the data warehouse and information database construction, the formation of "Data Analyst + professional analysts" to speed up the construction of professional team; online shopping, banking, investment and financing, network consumer credit in one "comprehensive e-commerce platform to pay + financing; credit to accelerate the transformation of business processes, improve the efficiency of credit operation and integration.

in early 2004, ICBC will in the country with the industry first established online mall, positioning in the high-end boutique mall, using B2C mode, providing shopping platform for ICBC individual customers, but its development is just passable.

"the current online shopping mall is mainly responsible for the electronic banking department, and other departments do not have much collaboration, and the volume is not large, done in general. The e-commerce platform will be launched by a number of departments involved in the joint, the function is more complete. At present, the preparatory group staff seconded to, after the formal operation, the establishment of formal institution management, such as the establishment of electronic commerce department." The insider said.

online mall located at present in the high-end customers, in the "grass root to the world" slogan, launched a new business platform is expected to more comprehensive customer.

"but because of financing, consumer credit and other functions, the need to have a certain customer credit quality, so grass root customers have a part of the service does not apply. In the enterprise business platform in the qualification requirements >

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