Starting from four directions to build enterprise site quality content


we all know that a site is not the content of the support is not enough, especially the enterprise site, content oriented object is likely to become our customer’s visitors. While some companies ignore the importance of content, as long as do the site optimization can get good results, but this is a mistake, we assume that a enterprise site even with optimized SEO experts, ranking is very good, but there is no solid content as the backing, your enterprise site is just a there is no air flow, the conversion rate of the site. The quality of the enterprise site content can not only meet the needs of users, but also will be very good to promote our optimization. So for an enterprise site, need to which aspects to build their own content?

1: starting from the user’s needs

our enterprise site, the main purpose is to solve the problems of the user, while promoting our business or product. If the visitors to your site and found that can not solve his problem, of course, we may be able to use SEO to make these content to get a good ranking, but for users, they are useless garbage. Your site will not have loyal visitors or may jump out rate will be high. I think the enterprise site construction can as far as possible from the user perspective, we can find information as a visitor, we think the target user needs what information, around these information mining long tail keywords related to the organization of site content, this content will be the user’s favor, because these the content is from the perspective of the user needs.

two: starting from the actual function of the product

for an enterprise site, the ultimate goal is to achieve the goal of promoting our products and enterprises. For enterprise site product content, some of the features we can focus on the product to write content, you can write some of this product can be used to deal with what problem, what can bring value to you, and why do we want to buy the product, and user relationship product information can be expanded to describe the.

three: starting from the development of enterprises

for every enterprise, every enterprise has its own history of development, this is generally in the enterprise site on the "we" plate. For enterprise site content, we also can be based on the history of the development of enterprises to organize some content, such as some of the founders of the history of enterprises, enterprises of every important historical moment when the decision of enterprise, what has been achieved in what aspects, bring what benefit to society, how to solve the social problems to solve the employment problem, how many people, what social enterprises are sure, can write a lot of content, to narrow the gap between enterprises and visitors to the distance.

four: starting from the common problems of enterprise products

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